Label Artwork Guidelines

Accepted Programs/ Files File Formats
Our preferred file type is Adobe Illustrator (AI, EPS, PDF) - Version 26.0.3 or earlier.  AI file is most preferred.  We also accept Adobe Photoshop (PSD) - Version 23.2.2 or earlier.

All files must be 300 dpi in CMYK color at 100% scale. Files saved in RGB are for digital content only and must be converted to CMYK for printing.  Please embed any linked images or include the actual files so they can link properly.

Font Information
Convert text to paths, curves or outlines (text that becomes an object and can no longer be edited as text), or send the actual font files that we can load and use.  If possible, please refrain from setting text in Photoshop.  

White Print/Varnish/Deadened Adhesive
If the job requires White underprint, Spot Varnish, or Deadened Adhesive then the file needs to be setup accordingly.  The file should clearly show where White, Varnish, or Deadened Adhesive needs to be.  We can Supply a template to assist in setting up White print properly.  

Please proofread your artwork for misspelling and design before submitting your file to us.

Please see the below Artwork Template as a guide for safe label design.
Die Line (will not print) This will be the finished label size and shape               
Bleed Line (.0625” outside die line) All graphics should bleed .0625” away from die line _ _ _ _ _ _
Copy Safe Zone (.0625” inside die line) All printed graphics and info should be .0625” inside the die line _ _ _ _ _ _
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